Can I get up to $100 cash back when I file an auto glass insurance claim?

“We’ll give you up to $100 cash back for having your windshield replaced with us”

Have you heard that ad?

You have heard correctly. There are companies in the state of Florida who claim they will give you up to $100 cash back if you select them to provide you with a windshield replacement in Tampa, FL.

Although the “up to” claim can be misleading, it is a very persuasive approach for people who have a “Deductible Waiver” for windshield replacement in Florida. Many shops give money and incentives, but this always comes with a heavy price.

File an Insurance Auto Glass Claim

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Will I get paid for having my windshield repaired or replaced?

Is it just me, or does something here sound a little strange?

Too good to be true?

Well, although some auto glass shops may pay you for replacing your windshield, there are no shops that will write you a check for having your windshield repaired. There are not enough profit margins to allow for that.

If I am being paid money to have my windshield replaced, why not?

Companies who provide cash back for windshield replacements are typically only worried about their number of sales through a rather short period of time.

In other words, auto glass shops paying you to do business with them may not be around much longer or settle for substandard practices when working on your vehicle.

This means you, the consumer, may end up eating the costs of a promised warranty should you find a leak on the windshield they’ve installed.

Many of these companies change names and corporate structure over the course of time in order to avoid warranty issues.

Can’t I expect good workmanship from every auto glass company?

Absolutely not. If an auto glass shop is paying you up to $100 cash back to replace your windshield in Tampa, FL you may have the risk of getting low quality services from a company operated out of state who will not be in business shortly after.

Many hire subcontractors rather than maintain their own employees, and pay them a fee per job performed. Their business model may involve getting as many jobs done in one day as possible, rather than performing each job with excellence in order to avoid problems with your installation.


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