Windshield Insurance Claims

Up to $100 Cash Back – True?

Can I get up to $100 cash back when I file an auto glass insurance claim? "We'll give you up to $100 cash back for having your windshield replaced with us" Have you heard that ad? You have heard correctly. There are companies in the state of Florida who claim they will give you up

Free Windshield Replacement in Tampa?

Does everyone get a free windshield replacement in Tampa, FL? Many people in Tampa think that auto glass replacement in Florida is free. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to having work done on vehicles with damaged glass or broken windows. The first thing to understand is the difference between a

Dangerous Shortcuts – Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition - Sept 2012 On a daily basis we expose the neglecting work of other installers when removing windshields from vehicles. Poor auto glass installation jobs are performed for various reasons. A vast majority of auto glass companies – even ones who claim their installers go through their internal certification programs –